Adolescent Substance Abuse Program

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    Youth Focus offers a wide range of adolescent substance abuse services including assessments, outpatient therapy (individual, group and family therapy), intensive in-home treatment, day treatment and residential services.

    The Adolescent Substance Abuse Outpatient Program of Youth Focus, Inc. provides services to residents of Guilford County. Our program offers comprehensive assessments, individual, group and family therapy. We also offer a parenting education and support group for parents of children with substance abuse concerns. Our clinicians use the Seven Challenges program (an evidence based model) in order to motivate and help client’s make informed choices and decisions about changes they wish to make in their lives. We offer services in both Greensboro and High Point. After school appointments are available. Please call (336) 333-6853 in Greensboro or (336) 841-6083 in High Point to learn more about our program or to make a referral.

    The MELL-BURTON SCHOOL Structured Day Program - 336-273-4687. A day treatment program for middle and high school school students referred by juvenile court or others in the community.  The program serves young people with mental health and substance abuse problems. Click here for the mental health day treatment MH REFERRAL FORM and click here for the substance abuse SA REFERRAL FORM.

    Our residential program utilizes the Seven Challenges model (evidence based program). The residential program combines a structured residential component for up to 10 clients (8 male and 2 female) with intensive substance abuse counseling and an educational component in a day treatment program to create an effective treatment intervention for adolescents struggling with substance abuse. There is no charge for the residential component of the program.  There is a charge for day treatment services.  Medicaid and Healthcoice will both pay for day treatment services.

    TO MAKE A RESIDENTIAL REFERRAL CONTACT: Male referrals: 336-317-2062 or; female referrals 336-272-8775 or email: Click here for the REFERRAL FORM (Word verson). or use the PDF version: Referral Form