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    Continuous Quality Improvement - Program Goals and Outcomes

    Our programs all have annual goals and measure outcomes. To see the results of this past year's Agency Goal Assessment and see how your program fared, click on the link for: FY 14/15 Agency Goal Assessment

    Based on input we have received from our employees, our clients, board members, community stakeholders and others, we have developed goals for the current fiscal year. Click on the link to view this year's goals: YF 15/16 Goals

    We welcome your feedback on ways to improve our services. If you have suggestions on ways that we can improve our services or additional services that are needed that are not available, please tell your supervisor or come to our next Continuous Quality Improvement meeting.  Click on link to view the 2014-2015 CQI Annual Report

    General Staff Meeting

    The General Staff Meeting is schedule for 11AM on the first Monday of every month in the board room on the second floor of the Dorothy Bardolph Center, 301 E. Washington St. All staff are invited to attend unless doing so would jeopardize staffing patterns in your program.


    On-Line Training: www.training.youthfocus.org

    Please keep your training up to date! Staff whose critical training is not up to date will not be allowed to work. See Policy 1350. Training in areas such as first aid, CPR, NCI is offered regularly. Please check the On-Line Training site to see the current training calendar



    Want to check your balance in your flexible spending account? Contact Becky Buchanan, HR Director for a User ID and password, and then go the web site where that information is available: http://blueocean.edh.com:


    Flexible Spending Reimbursement Form: Flexible Spending Account Form


    FMLA Update - Please review this important update to the Family and Medical Leave Act


    Insurance Coverage - Youth Focus will maintain insurance coverage for the cost of legal assistance for any employee for any claim made against them related to lawful, authorized actions taken during the course and scope of their employment.


    Personnel Policies 

    Questions about our Personnel Policies? Review the entire document: Personnel Policies


    Hazard Communication Program            


    Employee Documents

    Annual Update for Contractors.pdf
    Annual Update for Foster Care, TLP, MSSH, & Act Together.pdf
    Annual Update for Employees.pdf
    Expense Report for Travel, Mileage and Misc.pdf
    Incident Report Form - Level I.pdf
    Incident Restraint Form.pdf
    Procedures for On-the-Job Injuries.pdf
    Employee Accident Report.pdf
    Hourly Time Sheet.pdf