Intensive In-Home Services

    Youth Focus offers a unique intensive in-home counseling program known as Family Preservation. This program is an intensive home based model of help and education to keep troubled families from being separated. Counselors provide up to 15 hours of help each week.

    Family Preservation provides intensive in-home family therapy to families who have at least one child who is at imminent risk of an out of home placement due to behavioral health problems. Removing a child from their home is expensive and disruptive to the family. Family Preservation can (with proven effectiveness) treat a child in their own home much less expensively than an out-of-home placement. As well, removal of a child from their home has a destabilizing influence on the entire family. Often this removal leads to additional removals for this same child and other siblings in the home if they begin to demonstrate problems. Eventually, this first removal can result in the disintegration of the whole family unit.

    The primary goal of the program is to strengthen and preserve families by preventing the unnecessary out-of-home placement of children who have been identified as being at risk of such placement and who are referred at the time of the identification of that risk while the family is in crisis.

    Services provided are extremely broad and include psychological services, skills training, knowledge and social support building and the provision of concrete services such as transportation. All services are provided by qualified staff.

    Services are available to families twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and are provided in the family’s home and community in a manner designed to improve individual and family functioning within the context of the family’s cultural, racial, ethnic and religious traditions. The counselor spends an average of ten to fifteen hours weekly on each family’s case and at least half that time is spent in face-to-face contact with the family. Counselors vary the degree of intensity of service provision based upon family needs, increasing as trust develops or crises arise and decreasing as needs decline, progress is made, or crises are successfully overcome. Services focus on promoting family competence through building on strengths and the family’s own resources and connections with the belief that the family is the fundamental resource for the nurturing of children and that parents should be supported in their efforts to care for their children. It is essential that service delivery be flexible and be arranged around the client family’s existing schedule in order to cause as little disruption as possible and to allow the counselor to join with the family in family activities and interactions.

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    Greg Wierda - Program Director