Communities across the country search for ways to keep youth safe and many have established Safe Place as a community collaboration making help readily available.  Safe Place designates businesses, community buildings and mobile units as Safe Place sites that prominently display the Safe Place logo.  Any youth in crisis can walk in and a trained representative will come to meet with them and together they will begin to determine what kind of help is needed.  Safe Place connects children and their families with the supportive resources they need.

    Safe Place 336-375-1332

    Across the country and in Guilford County, there are designed "Safe Places” where kids can go to get immediate help. The familiar black and yellow sign is a beacon for youth who are running away suffering abuse by a parent or a stranger, having alcohol or drugs related problems, experiencing depression or other conflicts.

    The people of all these participating locations know how to access the free, confidential help by calling on trained staff from a Youth Focus emergency shelter. Over 250 kids have used Safe Place since it's inception.